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Do you need podiatry treatment or orthotics? Do you have a niggling foot issue that you just haven’t got around to seeing anyone about? If you answered yes, then you should think seriously about making an appointment with a podiatrist before the end of the calendar year, as your entitlement to a rebate through your private health insurance may reset in the New Year.

As we head into the final weeks of the year, it’s important to remember that most health funds offer rebates on a calendar year basis. For most health funds, any rebate entitlements not used by the end of the calendar year do not roll over into the next calendar year.

So if you’ve been considering seeking treatment for foot pain, an ingrown toenail or orthotics, make the most of your private health insurance and make an appointment to see someone before the end of the year. Some health funds also offer rebates toward the cost of medical-grade or customised footwear. All Entire Podiatry clinics have HICAPS facilities to enable on-the-spot processing of your private health insurance rebates.

It is recommended that you check with your individual health insurer regarding the level of podiatry cover you have, as this does vary between plans. Ask your podiatrist for details of relevant item numbers, so that you can find out exactly how much of a rebate you would be entitled to when you are talking with your health fund.

Podiatrists can treat a range of conditions, including:

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