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Wide Load Safety Boots

Extra Wide Safety Footwear For Work

Designed and developed in Australia in 2009 in collaboration with leading orthopaedic/custom made shoe makers and podiatrists, the WIDE LOAD® brand produces EEE+ boots, providing an additional 8mm overall forefoot girth.

Wide Load boots are 12-15mm wider and 6mm higher than the industry standard, allowing for the fitting of custom made orthotics.

The Wide Load technology includes, a low density polyurethane shock absorbing midsole with a hard wearing thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outsole. The addition of direct injection soling, secures the upper and midsole together strongly.

They are robust, durable and made to endure the toughest working conditions.

Wide Load have designed a forefoot with an additional 15% “footprint” compared to the industry standard.

This additional surface area, combined with the self-cleaning cleat design, provides maximum stability and enhanced slip resistance.

Foot, leg and lower back fatigue will be reduced by the bevelled heel strike and heel cushion zone.

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