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QLD State Finalist in the Telstra Best Of Business Awards 2024

Entire Podiatry is a Championing Health QLD State Finalist in the Telstra Best Of Business Awards 2024!

Telstra Business Awards QLD State Finalist - Championing Health Category

We are excited to announce that Entire Podiatry has made it to the Queensland State Finals of the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2024 in the Championing Health category.

The Championing Health category recognises businesses focusing on innovative solutions and improving health outcomes for every Australian in 2024.

There were 22,420 nominations nationally in all categories. So to reach the state finals and be selected as one of the top six businesses in Queensland in health, is a great honour and we are humbled to now be part of the Telstra Best of Business Alumni.

From Humble Beginnings

Little did we know 26 years ago when we started Entire Podiatry that we would be writing this blog post!

At the start, we didn’t own any clinics. Chris Hope worked out of satellite clinics, visiting 2-3 medical centres per day and working 14 hour days. Then he met Anike and with her support and encouragement, they decided to expand and launch the brand, Entire Podiatry in the year 2000.

Anike Hope recalls

‘An early memory of mine, is at the end of my teaching day, I would pop into some of the clinics and help Chris out as he was running them solo. Later, when our kids were babies, I would take my Dad in the car to babysit while I dropped stock off at each clinic.’

From humble beginnings and a lot of hard work, the business has progressively grown to nine Entire Podiatry owner-operated clinics employing a team of twelve podiatrists and an admin team of eleven.

Anike and Chris Hope - co-owners of Entire Podiatry

How Do We Champion Health In Queensland?

We are constantly striving to improve health outcomes for all Australians and provide world class podiatry services both in person and online. 

Reducing Pain

We proudly help thousands of people in person at each of our clinics each year to live happier, pain-free, healthier lives by fixing their foot problems, biomechanical issues, or by addressing pain.

Pregnancy Footcare

We help women reduce the pain of swollen feet, lower back pain and leg pain during pregnancy.

Footcare For Children

We provide podiatry for newborns, toddlers and school-aged children. It is a very popular service. In fact our ingrown toenail page for newborns on our website is more visited than our homepage!

Our staff are all police-checked and trained to work with children. As parents ourselves we understand the reassurance that parents need, particularly with newborn babies.

Occupational Podiatry

We work with individuals and businesses on foot health and safety in the workplace.

Senior Podiatry

We are an approved MyAgedCare provider, helping both active seniors and also those less independent through our mobile podiatry service. We regularly visit hospitals and nursing homes. 

Sports Podiatry

We treat sports injuries, work to reduce the risk of injuries and help improve sports performance. We work with athletes at any level, from schools to social runners, community sports teams through to professional athletes.


We are an approved National Disability Insurance Scheme provider, providing podiatry services and orthotics to people with disabilities through our in-clinic and mobile podiatry services.

Orthotics & Footwear

We help patients with proper footwear and arch support, helping them revitalise and maintain healthy feet, eliminate pain.

Preventing Diabetic Complications

We provide diabetes assessments and provide plans for people with diabetes to maintain their foot health, helping to prevent complications and amputations. We conduct gait assessments, provide protective socks and footwear, conduct vascular, neurological and dermatological assessments. 

Chris also explains how Entire Podiatry collaborate with other health professionals to diagnose diabetes early:

‘We were asked to speak at the Queensland Dental Hygienist Association. By educating other health practitioners about diabetes and working together to cross-refer patients, we can help improve health outcomes for all Australians.’

Introducing Innovative Technologies

Over the years we have identified gaps in the market by surveying our patients. Many years ago patients were begging for different ways to treat warts and fungal nails.  

Subsequently we travelled overseas and investigated different technologies.  We became QLDs first podiatry clinic to introduce the Cutera GenesisPlus laser system, ironically from a place called Brisbane in San Francisco, California! See map.

We have helped many patients who have attempted to remove stubborn warts, successfully treating them with this innovative technology. One patient had suffered for over 17 years, seeing multiple doctors, dermatologists and surgeons who failed to help her. Our Cutera laser was the only successful treatment and she is relieved, pain-free and thrilled. 

Brisbane, San Francisco, California
We were also the first in the world  to install the Zebris Running Room treadmill in 2021. This cutting-edge technology has 6,000 sensors, computer and video analysis, that we use for gait assessments. We help improve sports performance and reduce injuries in athletes, improve balance in people who have had joint replacements, and reduce pressure-related ulcers for diabetic patients. 

View video below…

Health Support Online

Our website helps hundreds of thousands of people each year from around the world to find solutions to problems. We invest in our digital presence because it is a helpful health resource. For example, we recently developed a 360 degree, interactive, online pain locator, providing information and helping even more people with their health.

Improving Ease Of Access To Treatment

We have improved ease of access to podiatry by establishing 9 locations across South East Qld, Brisbane, Toowong, Chermside, Strathpine, North Lakes, Redcliffe, Morayfield, Logan and Robina on the Gold Coast. 

What Matters The Most To Us

Our patients continue to be our inspiration and motivation. For example, one of Chris Hope’s proudest moments recently, was receiving a personal thanks from a Dad who was so grateful and happy because he was finally able to play football with his kids with no foot pain.

It’s this type of impact that really matters to us. Our patients health and wellbeing is how we ultimately measure our success.

A huge thank you to everyone who have helped us over the past 26 years. Thank you to our receptionists and podiatrists for all your hard work, enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication and to our loyal patients for your continued patronage and support.

Telstra Business Awards Final Judging on 3rd November

Telstra Business Awards QLD State Finalist - Championing Health Category

The Telstra Best Business Awards are one of the most reputable and respected business awards within Australia. We believe this is in part due to the rigorous judging process!

There were four rounds of judging, including written submissions, video answers and interviews by a panel of professionals. Each time we successfully progressed to the next level we found it to be both exciting and nerve-wracking. We are so thrilled to have made it through to the finals.

We now await final judging on 3 November 2023 to see if we make it through to the Nationals. Wish us luck!

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Telstra Business Awards QLD State Finalist - Championing Health Category