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How much does a podiatrist cost?

Podiatrist costs are subject to change depending on your treatment needs, and the below fees are provided as a guide only. Please ask you Podiatrist for a more precise individual quote for any of our services.

Initial Treatment price is $120 and Standard Treatment price is $85.

If you have private health insurance, rebates are often available for relevant item numbers. Please contact us for more information about item numbers should you wish to better estimate your out-of-pocket expenses.

What is bulk billed podiatry?

Bulk billed podiatry is when the podiatrist accepts the rebate offered by Medicare as the full fee for service, so that there is NO GAP fee for patients.

Due to Medicare rebates not keeping up with the cost of running our practice, sadly, Entire Podiatry does not offer bulk billed podiatry services to patients on a GP Management Plan. 

Concession Card reduced rate podiatry

Patients with a GP Management Plan and a valid Concession Card (see list of accepted cards below) can have a service at a reduced rate at all of our clinic locations between 8am and 1pm Monday – Friday, subject to availability.

Appointments made outside of these hours will be charged at our standard rates.

The reduced rate is $75 for a standard consultation. Other services will be additional. The Medicare rebate will be paid directly into your bank account. If you have a Concession Card and attend a standard consultation only, you will be $17 out of pocket (as of 1 July 2022).

A valid Concession Card includes:
  • Pensioner Card (not Seniors Card)
  • Health Care Card
  • DVA (Gold) & White Card for approved conditions
  • Also includes children 15 years and under (with a GP Mangement Plan)

Read more about Concession Card appointment costs and bookings.

Medicare Rebate

The Medicare rebate will still be available for those with a GP Management Plan.

The Medicare rebate applies only to the consultation fee. Any additional services will incur an out-of-pocket expense. For example, footwear modifications, orthotics and minor surgical procedures that may be recommended by your Podiatrist are not covered by Medicare.

If you have a GP referral, but you do not have a Concession Card, you will need to pay the standard consultation fee on the day of your appointment. We will then be able to process your Medicare refund. We have HICAPS machines at all our clinics, so we can process your Medicare rebate automatically on the spot, in our practices.

How much do laser podiatry treatments cost?

Please see an estimate of costs below. A more precise estimate of fees and number of sessions recommended can be provided on your first visit.

Laser podiatry is currently available at our Brisbane CBD, Robina Easy T and North Lakes clinics only.

Laser podiatry costs

Fungal nail

Laser fungal nail treatments are over three sessions and the total cost is $950 (ie: $200 per session) and includes a take home starter pack for $50 which includes a bottle of laundry rinse, tinea cream and shoe spray.

Additional costs will depend on the number of nails requiring treatment.

If you are with a health fund,  the relevant item numbers that we use for laser therapy include :

  • F004 (Initial Consultation) or F012 (Standard Consultation) and
  • F145 (Laser Treatment)


Laser wart treatment costs between $400-$500 per session, depending on the nature and extent of the condition requiring treatment. During one treatment session, laser therapy can be provided to a single wart up to about 10mm in diameter, or to several smaller warts. Bigger and more complex warts, such as mosaic warts, usually require more than one session.

Each session is up to a maxiumum of 30 minutes duration and if you have multiple warts then the podiatrist will often treat the “mother” warts and any other warts as time permits.

Laser podiatry is currently available at our Brisbane CBD, Northlakes and Robina on the Gold Coast clinics only.

How much does ingrown toenail surgery cost?

If local anaesthetic is not required, this is known as ‘conservative ingrown toenail treatment’ and is provided at the cost of our standard podiatry consultation fees (initial and subsequent, depending on the number of treatment sessions as required) listed at the top of this page.

Cost of Non-Permanent Correction of Ingrown Nail

If anaesthetic is required, the cost of surgical procedures for ingrown toenails starts at $250.

Cost of Permanent Correction of Ingrown Nail

The cost of this surgery starts at $500.

What Should I Do About An Ingrown Toenail?

An individual consultation with your podiatrist is required in order to provide a precise quote for ingrown toenail surgery.

A follow-up review appointment is also recommended after ingrown toenail surgery, for which there is a standard consultation fee.

Make an appointment with one of our podiatrists for an estimate of costs to treat your ingrown toenail.

How much do orthotics cost?

The cost of orthotics can vary considerably depending on the type, and there are differences in available rebates depending on your level of health fund cover.

Custom foot orthotics cost in the range of $800 to $900. This includes consultation fees, biomechanical assessment, 3D laser scanning, orthotic prescription, initial fitting and 4-week review fitting including minor adjustments, with a Triple Guarantee.

CFA orthotics are a mid-range option, and cost in the range of $500 to $600. This includes consultation fees, biomechanical assessment, orthotic prescription, initial fitting and 4-week review fitting including minor adjustments.

Off-the-Shelf orthotics (OTS) – DC Wedge and grothotics (Children Only). DC Wedge and Grothotics are both ‘Off-The-Shelf’ alternatives available from Entire Podiatry and cost approximately $200. Both have a decent size range and do not have a choice of covers but they are more customisable than any offered at a chemist or pharmacy. Your podiatrist will be able to advise you which of these options are best suited to your foot type.

The OTS DC wedge and grothoics are manufactured using an outline of your feet. This outline provides only an approximate indication of foot type and does not detect more discrete, unique specifications of your feet. Minor adjustments can be made to the orthotics to better match them to your foot type.

Off-the-shelf orthotics are available from pharmacies and other healthcare stores, and these can often be purchased for less than $100. Although these orthotics are not at all customised to suit your individual foot, at Entire Podiatry we may be able to make minor adjustments to off-the-shelf orthotics to better suit your foot.

Orthotic modifications are available onsite and the cost starts at $10, with increased costs depending on the type of modification required. Note that orthotic modifications can only be performed during a podiatry consultation.

The above cost information is provided as a general guide, and we recommend you see your podiatrist for a more precise quote.

Do Entire Podiatry provide services to DVA Card holders?

Entire Podiatry are registered to provide podiatry services to Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Card holders.

If you are a DVA Card holder, you will require a referral from a doctor or hospital discharge planner in order to access podiatry. Some podiatry services also require prior approval from DVA in order to be funded under this system, and there are specific restrictions that apply in certain circumstances.  However, in general:

  • if you are a DVA Gold Card holder, DVA will fund podiatry services that are clinically needed;
  • if you are a DVA White Card holder, DVA will fund podiatry services if required because of an accepted war caused or service related condition.

For more specific information about podiatry services available through DVA, you may wish to access the podiatry page on the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website.

We no longer conduct DVA-covered home visits. We still do home visits, but you will need to cover the standard mobile podiatry rate.

Are rebates available for podiatry services through private health insurance?

Rebates for podiatry services are available through private health insurance, although the rebate provided depends on the type and level of cover. If you would like to estimate your out-of-pocket expenses for podiatry, contact us to for details of relevant item numbers for your needs. You can then check rebates with your private health insurer against these item numbers.

What is HICAPS and does Entire Podiatry have HICAPS facilities?

HICAPS is an electronic health claims and payments system, which offers members of participating health funds the convenience of automatic claims processing, on the spot in the clinic. The real benefit to patients is convenience. No more queuing at health fund branches and filling in claim forms. For more information on the HICAPS system see www.hicaps.com.au.

HICAPS facilities are available at all Entire Podiatry clinics.

Hospital visits, home visits and mobile podiatry

The cost of a mobile podiatry visit is $200. You can claim some of this cost back from Medicare or your private health insurer. Find out more about our mobile podiatry service.

Medical pedicure cost

The Initial Consultation and Treatment is $120 and Subsequent Consultation and Treatment $85. If you would like a paraffin wax foot bath added to the medipedi treatment, that will be an additional $60. Please indicate if you would like the optional wax foot bath when you book.

We are part of the BUPA Members First network, so if you are with BUPA and have podiatry benefits in your plan, you will receive exceptional rebates for your consultations. We are also approved providers for HCF.

Please contact our clinic if you would like more information about what is included in a medical pedicure.

As all our podiatrists at Entire Podiatry are qualified and registered health professionals, you should be able to claim your ‘Medi Pedi’ service on your private health insurance if you are covered for podiatry.

How much does Keryflex cost?

The cost of Keryflex application is the cost of our standard appointment fee plus $60 per nail that is restored. You may also like to have a medical pedicure with your Keryflex treatment. 

Entire Podiatry is a part of the Bupa Members First Network and HCF. Members pay less for the consultation component.

Contact us if you have any further questions, or book an appointment online here.   



How much does Shockwave therapy cost and does my private health insurance cover any?

There is an additional fee for the shockwave therapy on top of the standard consultation fee. The price will vary depending on the number of areas requiring treatment.

This is an additional $40 for a single area to be treated or an additional $80 if more than one area is requiring treatment.

Many private health funds will cover a percentage of both the consultation and the shockwave fee. The item numbers below may be useful for you to contact your private health insurer for an accurate quote:

  • Consultation item number # 012: $85
  • Shockwave item number #541 ($40 for a single area being treated or $80 for two areas requiring treatment)

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