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Does your private health insurance cover footwear costs?

Did you know, depending on your health insurance cover, you could be eligible for a rebate on fees associated with Medical grade or customised footwear? There is a range of item numbers that pertain to Medical grade or customised footwear and which some private health insurers will accept in order to claim a rebate.

So what is medical grade or customised footwear and do you need it?

Medical grade or customised footwear is specialised footwear, designed to provide support and even weight bearing through the foot, facilitating functional independence and minimising any foot dysfunction. Medical grade or customised footwear usually incorporates special features which enable the individual needs of a patient to be met.






For example, at Entire Podiatry we stock a range of Medical grade or customised footwear (some examples are pictured above), which have the following special features:

  • A wide range of sizes, from a women’s size 4 (US) to a men’s size 15 (US)
  • Several different extra width and extra depth fittings available
  • Narrow width fittings also available in some styles
  • Removable footbeds to suit custom orthotics
  • Insoles with extra cushioning
  • Seamless toe box

These are some of the features that make our footwear range ideal for people with diabetes, circulatory problems, arthritis or foot deformities.

How do I find out more?

If you think you may benefit from Medical grade or customised footwear to improve your foot function, ask your podiatrist for more information during your next visit.

Prior to purchasing any footwear it is also worthwhile contacting your health insurer to enquire about whether you are eligible to receive a rebate in relation to the costs of Medical grade or customised footwear. During your consultation, your podiatrist will be able to provide more information on specific item numbers that may be relevant for your insurer to provide further advice.

To make an appointment with Entire Podiatry, contact your nearest clinic directly or Freecall 1800-4-368473 (that’s 1800-4-ENTIRE).

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