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Will orthotics fit in all my shoes?

If you have just received a brand new pair of orthotics, it won’t be long before you are able to experience the support and the stability that they give to your body. However before you decide to simply throw them in to your nearest pair of shoes and hope for the best, you must stop and take the time to assess whether your shoe is right for your orthotic. In today’s blog post we will outline 5 tips that you should use when deciding if your shoe is right for your orthotic in the hope that our Brisbane readers will experience the full benefits of their orthotics.

It’s designed for your foot!

The very first thing that you should remember is that your orthotic has been primarily designed to fit your foot. This means that using a variety of different styled shoes may not offer the same effect as it was originally designed for.

Allow for adjustment

When looking for shoes that will easily fit an orthotic, remember to buy ones that have laces or straps. Any shoe that doesn’t allow for tightening will result in your foot simply rolling around in the shoe, making the orthotic useless.

Plan ahead

If you have a favourite pair of shoes which you frequently wear, don’t hesitate to take them along to your podiatrist. Sometimes they can adjust your orthotic to fit perfectly into the shoe.

Foot Swelling

When buying a new shoe, remember to go at the end of the day when your foot has naturally swollen. This will allow for any extra room you might need.

Wear socks when shoe shopping

This tip is an old favourite; remember to wear your normal socks when shoe shopping to ensure the perfect fit for your foot.

In today’s blog post we have outlined 5 tips which you should remember when deciding whether or not your orthotics is right for your shoes. If you would like to find out more about this topic, don’t hesitate to give our Brisbane team at Entire Podiatry a call today on 1800 436 847.

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