One of the most common foot conditions affecting Australians are fungal nails and warts. In fact, the condition is said to affect a quarter of the population.


Traditionally fungal nails have been treated via topical solutions and oral treatments. However, topical solutions are frequently inadequate to address fungal infections and there are side effects associated with oral treatments.


One new piece of technology gaining traction in the industry is that of lasers. Queensland based clinic, Entire Podiatry, has become the first podiatry clinic in Queensland to offer a new, advanced laser treatment, known as Genesis Plus, set to improve the available treatment options for people with toenail fungus.


Genesis Plus, by Cutera, is a podiatric laser for the toes and feet that penetrates the nail plate, destroying the fungus under the nail. Fungus is sensitive to light and heat, with the laser working by effectively killing the nail fungus through the application of temperatures of between 42 and 44 degrees Celsius on the fungus. Patients explain the treatment to be pain free, with only some warmth from the heat of the laser.


The Genesis Plus laser can help reduce the appearance of fungal nails, with early results showing an 80 to 85% success rate. It generally takes between 2 to 4 treatments to successfully treat toenail fungus and all 10 toenails must be treated to prevent re-infection. As normal nail growth continues and the fungus is gradually eradicated, the infected area of the nail grows out, revealing new nail without infection. This change is often noticeable to patients within one month after initial treatment. Fungal infections tend to affect the toenails most commonly, but the laser can also be used to treat finger nail infections, as well as warts.


Although laser treatments have been around for a few years, very few have offered the same power and quality as the Genesis Plus. Known for their dedication to the best care for their patients, Entire Podiatry are proud to offer the revolutionary treatment to clients at their new CBD clinic, now open.


For more information, or to book a consultation, you can call Entire Podiatry on (07) 3229 9959 today.