We spend a huge amount of time on our feet and it is important that we take the time to look after this important part of our bodies. Podiatrists are qualified diagnose and treat a number of conditions, diseases and injuries relating to the foot and lower leg. Sometimes symptoms that present in the foot or lower leg may be associated with other conditions and an experienced podiatrist can help to identify these signs and may also refer you to other health practitioners as appropriate.

There are a numerous of conditions a podiatrist will treat. For example ankle and foot injuries, deformities, foot complaints such as ingrown toenails, calluses and corns, fungal infections and foot and lower leg problems that are associated with diabetes.

Depending on the presenting symptoms diagnosis may involve a visual and physical examination and other diagnostic procedures such as X-rays or ultrasound. Podiatrists will also use various equipment to assist with assessing your gait and the distribution of weight through your feet.

A range of treatment options are able to be offered by qualified podiatrists. For example corrective shoe inserts called orthotics can be fitted or custom made to adjust the position of your feet and improve foot function. For some conditions, treatment will involve anti-inflammatory medication, rest and/or specific strengthening exercise. In the case of fracture injuries, podiatrists are able to prescribe braces to help with fracture healing. Braces may also be recommended to help correct foot deformities, particularly in children.

At Entire Podiatry we have a team of qualified and experienced professionals, and we are focused on providing quality podiatry assessment and treatment options that are based on your individual needs. We have clinics located in 8 locations around Brisbane and the Gold Coast and our hours of operation are tailored to suit our patients with evening and weekend appointments available.