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Have you had recent hip or knee replacement surgery?

If you have recently had knee or hip replacement surgery, you are hopefully now experiencing relief from chronic pain and enjoying a greatly improved quality of life. However, you may also find yourself feeling a little uneven or noticing pain in your back, hip, ankle or foot, since the surgery. This is not an uncommon sensation and can often be addressed with help from your podiatrist.

When a significant joint (such as the hip or knee) is replaced, the surgery can affect your gait by altering your leg length. As newly implanted joints expand or compress during the recovery stage, and the surrounding soft tissue adjusts to the new joint, your legs may shorten or lengthen accordingly. When your legs are of differing lengths, it can affect your gait, posture and joint alignment, which may result in pain in your back, hip, ankle or foot.

This is not something that should require further surgery.

A podiatrist can assess and correct any Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD), by prescribing devices such as orthotics or full length heel raisers. Orthotics, which can be custom-made to suit your individual foot and enable the most effective fit, can be inserted into your shoes to correct the difference in leg length. This enables improved gait and posture, and better alignment and stability of joints, ensuring the best possible outcome following your hip or knee replacement surgery.

If you had recent hip or knee replacement surgery, and are noticing any pain in your back, hip, ankle or foot, we would recommend making an appointment with one of our podiatrists in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, for assessment and advice. Contact us on 1800-4-ENTIRE or call one of our 8 clinic locations directly, to make an appointment.

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