Cracked heels are a common condition, which present as fissures or linear wounds around the rim of the heel. Many people with cracked heels may not notice any pain or  discomfort, but if the cracks are deep they can become quite painful and can also cause bleeding. If not cared for properly, the wounds can also become infected which can cause more significant and ongoing problems.

What is the best way to treat cracked heels at home?

If you search on google you will find many different options for self-treatment of cracked heels. Home remedies range from soaking your feet in lemon juice to applying the pulp of a banana to your heels. There are many theories out there but in our clinical experience, we have found the following to be the most effective ways to treat cracked heels at home:

  • At least once a day, use a moisturiser on your heels when they are clean and dry
  • Elevate your feet for about 10-15 minutes to allow the moisturiser to be properly absorbed into your skin
  • Use a pumice stone to reduce thick hard skin from the rim of your heel

How can a podiatrist treat cracked heels?

If self-treatment at home isn’t getting on top of your cracked heels, then visiting a podiatrist is the next recommended course of action. Podiatrists have the necessary equipment and clinical knowledge to safely remove any thick and hardened skin, which will help existing cracks to heal and allow any moisturiser to be absorbed more easily. At Entire Podiatry we also have specific moisturisers available, which are proven to be most effective in treating dry skin around the heels, and may be recommended over other standard moisturisers. Another treatment method that we offer at Entire Podiatry are hot wax foot baths, which can help to soften hard skin on the feet.

If you have a problem with cracked heels that keep recurring, a podiatrist can take a closer look at the cause of the problem. At Entire Podiatry we find that most cases of cracked heels result from mechanical pressure on the heel area or from poorly fitting footwear, particularly for people who spend a lot of time standing. Advice on orthotics and footwear to reduce pressure on the heels can be highly effective in preventing cracked heels from recurring. Other causes of cracked heels from dry skin include fungal infections and wearing open-heeled shoes. Not drinking enough water can also contribute to hard skin.

If you are looking for advice to treat cracked heels, call Entire Podiatry to make an appointment with a podiatrist in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. Our many years of experience in treating cracked heels will ensure that you receive the best advice to manage your cracked heels.

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